110kV Transformer

China first 110kv Transformer manufactured in Oct 1955.
The Grade 110KV transformer products of our company has formed to be standard configuration, and at the same time we launched new products such as structure of self-cooling, maintenance-free and welded tank rim, the features of which are maintenance-free, high reliability, high impedance, low loss, low noise, low temperature rise, low PD, that is "I-free, 2-high, 4-low". The products SFZ-31500/110 and SZ10-M-50000/110 firstly passed necessary short current test in 1997 and 2000 and it made this product always stand at the advanced lever in grade110KV in China.

Parameter scope

Loss Level code name: Type 9, Type10, Type11


  • Double Winding Non-excitation Voltage Regulation Transformer :
    Maximum 240000KVA
  • Three Winding Non-excitation Voltage Regulation Power Transformer :
    Maximum 150000KVA
  • Double Winding On-load Voltage Regulation Transformer :
    Maximum 90000KVA
  • Three Winding On-load Voltage Regulation Transformer :
    Maximum 80000KVA