500kV Transformer

China first 500kV Transformer manufactured in Apr 1984.
Our company began to manufacture 500KV product from the year of 1980. We have produced 230 transformers all kinds of Grade 500KV transformer, have the abilities of R&D, design and manufacture all kinds of transformer, completely controlled performance of electric field, magnetic field, temperature rise and withstand short current etc. The 500KV products of our company have great varieties, reliability performance, all the index stand in antecedent area in Chinese transformer industry.

Parameter scope

Loss Level code name: Type 9, Type10, Type11


  • Single Phase Double Winding Transformer : Maximum 260000KVA(40000KVA R&D Project At Present)
  • Three Phase Three Winding Transformer : Maximum 840000KVA
  • Single Phase Autotransformer :
    Maximum 533000KVA
  • Three Phase Autotransformer :
    Maximum 400000KVA(750000KVA R&D Project At Present)