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Smt. Anandiben Patel inaugurates the project of TBEA in Karjan, Vadodara

        Chief minister, Anandiben Patel will inaugurate the transformer manufacturing base of TBEA at Karjan on Saturday in presence of Ambassador of China, Wei Wei and commercial counselorWang Hejun.

The plant currently has manufacturing capacity of 20 million KVA per year. "The Vadodara plant will also begin exporting to the south Asian markets by the end of this year. We are in process of discussing the export plans," Xin told TOI. The Chinese major said that it is also willing to invest in other parts of India but it depends on economic growth of the country.

"As per the requirements of Indian economic & social development, we will gradually bring in wind-solar complementary power station integration technology, solar energy core components manufacturing technology, wire & cable manufacturing technology, power electronics integration technology, as the final phase investment of this project," the chairman said.