Transformer Testing Capacity

TBEA India Factory Test hall designs 72m×42m and 34m height. The ultra-high-voltage test hall is capable of carrying out the final electrical testing of power transformers and reactors including routine tests and also type tests and special tests. Tests are carried out in accordance with all IEC standards and IEEE standards and other national standards or with the customer's requirements and so on without restriction, besides of the dynamic short-circuit test.

The ultra-high-voltage can fulfill the following test

  • AC products :
    1000kV transformer and shunt reactor with large power.
  • Other special tests and researching tests

In order to fulfill tests mentioned above, the testing shop equipped with main facilities as following:

  • Impulse voltage generator: 4800kV/720kJ
  • AC testing transformer: 630MVA/1700kV
  • Capacitive divider: 500pF/1500kV
  • Transformer power loss measurement system: 200kV/4000A TMS580
  • Transformer power loss measurement system: 100kV/2000A TMS580

The ultra-high-voltage test laboratory can carry out not only present products test but also larger rated power and higher voltage level products test in the future.

Future TBEA India Factory Testing Hall

Test laboratory